Sunday, March 18, 2012

Missing post #1

yes I was suppose to blog about my unique experience that I have won last year which is
15th May 2011. *wink wink*

I would say it is the most unique experience because something happened and I didn't really share among my friends as it is quite embarrassing.

I had lunch with my colleagues at Empire Subang and suddenly the digi lady came to me. She said just take a peek and guess whats inside. If your guess is correctly we will take a picture of you and upload to our fanpage. All you got to do is get as many likes as possible. If you won, there will be 4 unique experiences to choose. =) So without hesitation I went for it. Yes Grace Tan won the competition. Thanks to everyone's votes.

So guess which unique experience I chose? Well I wish to enjoy all 4. *greedy* My final decision was Pilot for a day. How awesome is that? I like driving fast cars but how often you get to experience sitting in the plane and fly it. I received email from them that 15th May 2011 is the day where all 4 winners meet up and enjoy the unique experience. Yes all of us chose Pilot for a day. Guess what I was the only female that won. *ha-ha*

Drag myself to wake up super early. My handsome man pick me up and off we go to Subang Airport. We had Mcd breakfast. Me acting cool and with panda eyes. @_@ We saw few people standing outside registering and I joined in too. The guy took a short interview with me. *camera shy*

Our very first picture.

Hooray me and him at the airport where all the private planes are. Some of the planes are owned by super duper rich people. They park their planes here. Like us we park our cars. Lol.

Before we hop on to the plane, the pilot will give us a short briefing. I was trying very hard to listen but not easy and its complicated thats why I is not engineer or pilot.

That is written by the pilot.

After the short briefing, we get close to the plane and show us what need to be check before we fly off.

After all are done, yes its time to fly. I'm the first winner. nervous like hell because you are flying a plane. Well not that big big plane you sat to go overseas. ha-ha

Pilot adjust and checking. Me sit there watch and wait patiently to fly off. The mic must be near to your mouth if not no one can hear you talking. Pity me the headphones one of it was not working so I could hear 1 side.

Awesome. time to fly off. ^^v Guess who took this picture? yes is my handsome man. Pilot guy say there should be no problem to join in. Well you guys know my handsome man's weight. ha-ha his size can be compared to the pilot. He sat behind me and have to cramp up with the videographer. The back seat was quite small.

Still on land. Slowly taking off.

Up up we gooooooooooooo
Getting higher and higher
We are high up the sky. Omg. the feeling was crazy and scary at the same time. Then the pilot let me tryout the control. Of course he will guide me. It was awesome.

Hello Kota Damansara. We pass NKVE, Subang, Ara Damasara and couldn't get far as it was quite foggy plus there is military training in KL.

Why I look like that? This is the most embarrassing part. I vomited. There I say it. Now the whole wide world knows about it. Yes I vomit because I was too nervous stress and feeling a bit wobbly when I'm up in the sky. Stupid me. I thought I could hold it but no it just came out so the pilot have to shorten my awesome trip. =( I couldn't experience other flying tactics.

I ran out and vomit everything out. Videographer just have to interview me. I was feeling super unwell and pale. I took a nap at the cabin while the 3 winners go enjoy it. I'm the worst winner. Pilot guy say its ok. It happens to me before I vomited more than you. So do not feel bad and worry about it. Pilot guy consoled me. *shy*

After all winners experienced it, time to receive your certificate. =P

The winners and their partners.

Me and my handsome man
Our last picture with the pilot before we head home. After all the experience, I kept blaming myself oh gosh why did I vomit, it is like the one and only experience. My handsome man will always say this to me. What done is done. I think if they did the 180 degree I will vomit too. Ha-ha I laughed. He knows I feel bad and he say things to cheer me up. Thank you so much for companying me. During the night I had dinner with my family and I shared the whole story. They also laughed at me cause I say I vomited. It's ok I'm fine now

The next day I went to laminate my certificate. =)

Till then



Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Officially 26 years old

Hey everyone I know I have neglected my blog for 5 months. That is really long. I have a lot of stories to post up but my work is getting into me. As you can see I have change the blog layout and my old picture has been taken it out. I am in the midst of compiling my new posts so hopefully I can get it done asap.

Last week 12 August 2011, Friday was my birthday. I wanted to take leave on that day but due to my colleague who is leaving out of sudden I have no choice to take his place. I can tell you that sitting in the meeting room for the whole freaking day is really tired. Luckily I have my blackberry to keep me companying. =)

Simple dinner with my friends at La Bodega, Empire Subang Jaya. The tapas was really nice but when comes to main course it was not very good. The customer service was bad too but nevertheless we had 4 free beer for participating the Carlsberg survey. No more pens and papers. iPad 2 is the living tool for everyone. Save the environment. =)

My handsome man bought me this present and this year no flowers for my birthday. That is because I asked to. =) Remember my previous post about this camera? My wish came true. Thank you so much but I scolded him because it is expensive. =P

Here are some pictures taken with my college mates.

The pictures turn out not too bad.
My friend Joey, she is an airline stewardess for MAS. My third airline friend. =)

After dinner we head for mamak for a second round drink.
That night I enjoyed myself. I would have want to stay longer but I was just too tired. No thanks to my meeting.

13th August 2011

My second simple celebration with friends at Redbox, IOI Mall, Puchong. I received birthday voucher from them. He didn't tell me the place but on the way I look at the surrounding I know we were heading to Puchong. =P

We sing, drank, dance, eat and photo taking. Disney princesses frame.
I wanted Powerpuff Girls but he say don't have. Overall the food was all right. I think it is better than Sunway Pyramid. I had 3 bottles of beer. =D

Congratz my good buddy. He found his girl. I gave her their couple photo. =P

My group picture with the boys! =)

Thank you everyone for coming to my birthday dinner. Appreciate that.



Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Valentine, Dinner and Home

Look at our tired faces. he-he we slept at about 2 am and woke up very early morning because we don't want to waste our precious day. We met up with Sue Lin at the train station and she drove us to Chadstone Shopping Centre with her new car. I'm impressed with her manual skills because I suck at it. Stop driving manual ever since I got my driving license. ha-ha.

The only picture I had with her. We had our late brunch at the food court. After eating we walk around the mall and I saw S U P R E! I was so super duper happy but when I walk in I felt weird. You know why? Because of the price!! Supre used to be in city but it was closed down! They start to be more commercialized I guess. I came out from the shop empty handed because the price is expensive. No worries I head to jayjays to get more clothing. He bought 3 shirts I think. He actually shopped more than me during the first few days. Then we passed this shop called Rampage, closing down and everything was marked down. I bought a top and 3 thongs because it is so cheap. Nothing much to walk around we decided to bid goodbye to each other and thanks for the ride.

Later evening it was family dinner. They brought us to this korean restaurant operated by husband and wife only. 1 person cook. 1 person service. Really a 1 man show.

The food was really good! Sorry people I forgot the name of the dishes. head back to our apartment and pack up as we are moving to his brother's house to stay. I finished up my final two vodka cruisers bottle. =D

Me posing with his brother's pet name Ginger.

chuck our luggage aside and quickly google search the supre factory outlet. We took 2 hours to travel there and 2 hours to travel back.

I totally forgotten to take picture with the big SUPRE word that day. Aiks but no worries I went back home with bag full of clothes. =D Got back home and had a quick change for our Valentine's day dinner. We were so happy and excited as this is our first overseas Valentine celebration. =D

We took a bus and tram straight to Lygon Street. I saw girls holding flowers. ha-ha. Not feeling jealous thou. See the picture above? Beautiful ladies singing for erm I'm not sure for what but they were good. It was in front of the florist shop. He asked me if I want flowers I say it's okay we are leaving tomorrow and I have nowhere to keep the flowers. *what an understanding girlfriend I am* ha-ha

Weee... the happening Lygon street place.

Chef preparing the pizza.

His friend suggested Papa Gino's! It was full house but we manage to get a table.

Look at the stuffings! So much! Unlike the one I had in Malaysia all give little bit only.

Yummy I'm ready to eat the pizza.

My favorite pasta which is penne.

This minestrone soup taste different.

We couldn't find Max Brenner. Probably we missed it so we head to Koko Black. As usual full house we waited for our turn. Checking out the chocolates and the ice cream shop beside it.

Me and you

A Valentine's kiss from him. he-he

My hot chocolate.

hot chocolate with ice cream.

Our stomach was very full couldn't fit ice cream inside. Later on we decided to head on to our next adventure. We took about half and hour to reach! It was a very very long walk. It was all worth it and indeed a very superb good experience we ever had. Didn't manage to catch the last train as we have no small change so we took a cab home! Tired but happy.

The next morning we woke up early again. Head to westfield for shopping. We bought clothes in Jayjays again. ha-ha

Reminds me of westfield carousel in Perth.

Waiting for the bus to meetup with his family for brunch.

Me showing of my casio gold watch bought by him.

We had our late bruch at grain asian cafe.

The portion was big. The roast pork was awesome. After our brunch we walked around the mall and the city. I bought 3 cans of abalone for my dad. Oh yeah abalone in bah kut teh is awesome.

It was so glaring I couldn't open my eyes properly.

He had to take this picture which is the petaling street sign. We wonder how is the food.

Last few pictures! Head back home to continue our packing and had dinner. After that we head out for a small walk around the housing area.


Red Rooster

My final picture with Ginger. =)

*mind the blur-ness of the photo*

Goodbye Melbourne. We shall visit you again. =)